The World's First Official Pump Coin.

To the moon and back.. Completely transparent.


What is PUMP COIN?

It's speculation free and completely transparent. Here's how it works:

Adopting Blockchain Technology

Be an early adopter in the Blockchain. Purchase PumpCoin (symbol: BAG) through the state-of-the-art ERC20 standard Smart Contract using your ETH. We try to use as many buzz-words as we possibly can to make us sound as legitimate as possible. Here are some other buzz-words: Crowdsourced, Consensus, Byzantine Fault Tolerant, Market Makers. Impressive right?

Autonomous Decentralized Governance

What's better than an ICO? Two ICO's. Using innovation absolutely not ripped off from stable coins, PumpCoin is backed by it's sister token; DumpCoin (coming soon). DumpCoin autonomously creates PumpCoin demand.

Transparent & Open Source

Gone are the days of needing to keep up with your Twitter feed to find the pump coin of the day. HODL BAG and the dump will occur at the end of the token sale. We even have a GIT repo that will never be updated which means, NO FORKS.

Guaranteed Returns & Air Drops

All ETH proceeds for PumpCoin will automatically be invested into the DumpCoin (symbol: MCAFEE) ICO, where them proceeds are used to hodl more BAG and immediately burnt. This reduces supply and will automatically generate demand. We'll even send you free MCAFEE airdrops!

Token Sale

The token sale is already well on it's way. Become a BAG holder today!

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    No due dilligence required.



    Q: Is this legit?
    Sure. PumpCoin (BAG) is a real token built using the ERC20 Standard on the Ethereum platform. Even though it's a pump and dump scheme, it's okay because we're transparent. amirite?

    Q: Is it too late to join the PUMP?
    As with all pump and dump schemes, only the organizers are meant to make money off of the pump. The goal is to make everyone else BAG hodlers. The token sale will likely be extended in order to maximize organizer gains.

    Q: How do I buy PumpCoins (BAG)?
    Send ETH to the contract address above using an ERC20 compatible wallet. In return, you will receive a proportionate amount of BAG. Warning: Do not send ETH from an exchange.

    Q: What do I do once I receive my BAGs?
    Congratulations on becoming a BAG hodler. Next stop, the moon. As it is unlikely that BAG will be listed on any exchange, you will experience both the pump and the dump and can do nothing about it.

    Q: Will there be more chances to buy PumpCoin (BAG)?
    No. Pump and dump schemes are a dime a dozen, and we are certain they will continue to occur in cryptolandia. With the success of PumpCoin we hope to encourage other pump and dumpers to become more transparent.

    Q: I didn't read the white paper. Is this a BUY?
    Ofcourse! Can't you see that this website looks even more legit than the other billion dollar websites? Make sure you don't suffer in the FOMO and HODL TO THE MOON.

    Q: This still feels like a scam. How do I get a refund?
    Dude. Our whitepaper is 7 pages long. We're legit. Refunds are not currently supported. This is to ensure that all BAG owners hodl to the moon.

    Q: What is your price target for BAG?
    With a pre-mined, circulating supply of 1T BAG, and an ICO price of $0.01, our expert team of analysts have given us price targets in the range of $5000-$6000 by 2019. We think this is conservative because the price of bitcoin is huge! Ofcourse, at $5000 the marketcap of BAG would eclipse the whole world, but blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still growing.

    Q: Why?!
    Well, why not?! Personally, this was a fun way for me to learn more about creating smart contracts. It could also be a passive aggressive take on the crypto-millionaires that have made it hodling shitcoins. Who knows? ;)

    Q: Were these questions asked by real people?
    Absolutely not. FAQ sections are used to fool people into thinking people are actually interested in the product.

    Our Partners

    Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any of these guys, we just put their logos here. People will believe anything!


    Note: It was a strategic decision by our management team to not focus on first building our product. Through many case studies (e.g. Cardano, IOTA, TRON, and many more), we have realized that it is much more cost efficient to go for the moon first, before having a functioning product.